Interactive Edutainment

The attention-grabbing Play Table is sure to keep your kids engaged with our pre-loaded educational games, encouraging literacy and numeracy development.

The Play Table is a colourful entertainment system for kids suitable for any setting such as classrooms or play zones. The Play Table comes pre-loaded with educational games suitable for kids from 2-10 years of age to inspire learning. With our games designed to help kids improve their literacy, numeracy, identification, creativity, and music, kids won’t even be aware they’re learning! Our pre-loaded games include tiered difficulty which can match your teaching curriculum allowing teachers to expand learning and teaching styles. Our multitouch technology supports interactive learning and games, allowing multiple kids to play simultaneously. The Play Table comes with rounded corners and rounded legs that is smooth to touch, bearing durable 5mm tempered glass and anti-shock for safety.

Interactive Entertainment

Elevate the Play Table and discover limitless entertainment.

The Play Table is not just suitable for younger kids as it’s also outfitted with over 30 table-top games such as pool, football, air hockey, and paintball - perfect for a friendly night out of competition. Our multitude of games are all fitted into one Touch Table, providing endless hours of fun, attracting customers and guests. The Play Table can be suited to restaurants, bars, shopping malls or events to entertain guests. Our Touch Table has a smooth surface that aids seamless interaction and comes in splash proof glass in case of accidental spillages. Additional height extensions can bring the Play Table up to adult height, allowing interaction and gaming to be accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Complete with 3 years warranty, available in 32” HD resolution with colourful two-toned options, allowing the Play Table to match any room!

Key Features

3 Year Warranty

HD Resolution

10 PT multitouch

Cable management

24/7 performance

  • Durability

    Tempered 5mm Glass for safety

  • Environment

    Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Rounded Corners

    Smooth Surface

  • Design

    6 legs for stability


The Play Touch Table

Technical Specifications


Size 32"
Resolution HD
Multitouch 10 points to multitouch sensor
PCAP projective capacitive
Brightness 450 cd/m3 V

PC Hardware

Processor CPU Intel Core i3 - i7 for Android
Graphics GPU Intel Graphics
Memory RAM 8 GB - 16 GB
Storage Memory 100 GB HDD


Wifi 2.4 GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
USB USB 3.0 (TCM55 only)


Plug Type Socket
Power Source Wireless Charger
Colour Blue, Violet, Custom
Surface Glass
Material Wood Black Oak

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